Akiros Ismort




Position: Warden
Human barbarian and ex-paladin
Resides: Glory


After escaping to the Stolen Lands from some yet-unknown misfortune, Akiros Ismort became one of the trusted lieutenants of the infamous Stag Lord. This trust would be betrayed, however, for as soon as the party stormed the Stag Lord’s stronghold, Akiros turned on his employer, striking the final blow (Cassandra Walker would ultimately be the one to deliver the killing blow, however). Impressed with his skills and thankful for his help, the party quickly came to trust Akiros.

Once Glory was founded, Akiros was given the position of Warden, a fresh start from his prior years. During the werewolf attack which occurred shortly after Glory’s founding, he proved his worth again by being the only one prepared for the battle – wielding silver weapons, he cut down the werewolf after the party had stalled and weakened it. He has dutifully kept the party updated with information about the status of the guard and the state of the town ever since.

Akiros Ismort

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