He's Boggart. The boggard.



Position: Head Chef at Chateau de Bogart
Boggart Male
Resides: Chateau de Bogart (Boggard Lair) with his pet slurk, Ubagub

One of his arms is deformed, looking more like a stump with a few fingers attached.

Wears Ziu’s old padded armor on his head.


While hunting for the tatzlwyrms and Tuskgutter, the party discovered the ruins of a small castle where a boggard had taken up residence. Surprisingly amiable and extremely generous, Garuum offered the party copious amounts of seaweed and his special brew of boggard food. Though they had trouble communicating with him, they became quick friends with the boggard, who pointed the party in the right direction. In a trade, Ziu Wolfcaller gave Garuum his old padded armor, which Garuum now proudly wears on his head.

After establishing the town of Glory, the party crossed paths with Garuum once again – this time accompanied by Jed Ingwersen, who had the convenient ability to speak the boggard’s language.


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