"I like makin' mixtures..."



Position Magister of the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement
Human alchemist
Resides: Bokken’s new alchemist shop which has yet to be named (New Brew?), Glory


A rather cantankerous old man, the charter-bearers first met Bokken when he lived in a small hut just east of Oleg’s Trading Post. A concerned Ziu Wolfcaller soon discovers that Bokken is in fact under the influence of many of his own concoctions. Taking advantage of his inebriated state, Nalrod Radvage slyly tricked Bokken into giving him some free potions of questionable content. This was not the first nor would it be the last time that the party manipulated Bokken’s dubious sanity to forward their agenda.

After defeating the Stag Lord and establishing their new nation, the party reminded Bokken that he had agreed to become Magister of their new country – something that had not, in fact, occurred, but which Bokken was instantly convinced of. Bokken happily joined the new government and moved into his new abode in Glory.

As Magister, Bokken has earned a reputation for being an eccentric and a misanthrope, often driving people out of his own shop. Nevertheless, he has diligently provided the leaders of the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement with two magical wonders so far.


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