Cassandra Walker

Once and a time, there was a dark little girl who was all that remained...




Position: Councilor of Ibahalii (formerly the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement)
Human Oracle/Gunslinger
Resides: Glory


Cassandra is a dark, spindly little thing with poor posture and curtain-like, ghostly purple hair that hangs to her elbows.

Given the general air of unease and frequent hauntings that happen around Cassandra all the time, her time in Lukewater was largely solitary. She did have two good friends: Marcilene Codyis, and “Talky” Whittaker, The first being the local tavern operator’s daughter, and the other a skinny half elf who was always doing odd jobs around the town.

Cassandra lived in the attic of “Cork’s”, a local tavern where she worked for her room and board by hunting the daily rabbit soup and running errands for the owner. Other than a few mishaps with her hauntings and budding powers, the only time anything she would describe as interesting happens is in the forest, where she had one or two run-ins with Ziu Wolfcaller(?), and his trusty, slightly murderous eidolon, Fenrir.

At this point Cassandra is well known for her abilities as an oracle, her prowess as a hunter, and her general heeby-jeebieness, and the call for adventurers sent from high upon was the perfect chance to get her out of town. While Cassandra won’t admit it to anyone she used to know, She’s a bit pleased to finally be out of Lukewater where no one knows who she is, or is even perturbed by her more unorthodox aspects. In the company of freaks, she no longer has to hide, and it feels pretty great.

Likes: Puzzles, Drawing, Stories, Apple Cider, Dogs, The Forest, Hunting.
Dislikes: Attention, The “W” Word, Tatzelwurms, Friends In Danger, Jed’s Gorgeous Stupid Face.

Cassandra Walker

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