Chief Scootscale



Position: Chief of the Scootscale Tribe
Kobold Chieftan
Resides: Scootscale Caverns


Chief Scootscale was the leader of the Scootscale Kobold tribe (now the “Scootscale and Mimek” tribe) and met the party during their first excursion into the Stolen Lands.

When the party returned tribe’s statue to them from the mites who had stolen it, the tribe’s shaman, Tartuk, took the statue and ran, leaving Chief Scootscale and the confused explorers to chase after him. After finally cornering him in the back of the tribe’s cavern, Scootscale unceremoniously killed him and reclaimed the statue, which seemed to put the rest of the tribe at ease. Afterwards, he accepted Mimek as his partner and changed the name of the tribe to the “Scootscale AND Mimec Tribe.”

Chief Scootscale

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