Davik Nettle




Ghostly apparition
Resides: Shrike River (Nettle’s Crossing)


The party met Davik Nettle – or perhaps more appropriately, the spirit of Davik Nettle – a few hours after they awoke from strange nightmares they had whilst sleeping near the Shrike River. At the broken bridge that used to cross the river, they were attacked by the apparition but eventually managed to talk to him, as both sides found they had a common enemy.

For some reason probably related to his death, Davik Nettle held a grudge against The Stag Lord which held him bound to the material plane. He asked that the party kill the Stag Lord and throw his body into the Shrike River, to which they agreed.

He was seen as his bony hand was dragging the Stag Lord’s dead body into the depths of the Shrike.

Davik Nettle

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