"He's a big, purple sack of shit." - Riot Guy



Human rabblerouser
Resides: Glory Unknown


The naysayer Grigori appeared in Glory one day attempting to cause trouble for its officials. He unsettled the citizens by making a scene in front of the old fort, speaking of how the current government was unfit for duty and was was doing little to protect the citizens. Aldous Falstaff responded with hostility, which only worked to Grigori’s advantage. His targeted words were enough to force Cassandra Walker offstage as well, leaving a distraught Ziu Wolfcaller to calm the crowd.

Afterward, Aldous confronted Grigori and discovered he was being paid to incite a rebellion by a neighboring country (his benefactors were revealed to have been from Fort Drelev). Ziu used this information to the party’s advantage by asking Cassandra to spread the truth as a rumor. Finally, led by the (in?)famous Riot Guy, a counter-riot was held which ran Grigori out of town.

These events all occurred over the course of one day. Word travels fast.


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