Horrek Tannerson


Position: Acting General of Ibahalii
Human male
Resides: Glory


Horrek Tannerson, father to Tig and husband to Vivian Tannerson, was relieved of his worry when the party returned his son to him from a dangerous tribe of Lizardfolk. Recognizing that it was the nation’s leaders that had found and rescued him, he wanted to offer some kind of reward, but he had little to offer and Ziu Wolfcaller and Cassandra Walker wouldn’t have accepted anyway.

Not to let the opportunity go to waste, Horrek let slip that he wasn’t employed at the moment, and would be extremely grateful if the leaders could find some form of employment for him. Ziu jokingly mentioned that with Nalrod Radvage gone, the position of General was open – Horrek, however, believed he was up to the task. Assuring him he would have little to do in peacetime and would be moved to a different station if a more appropriate General appeared, Ziu appointed him the position.

Horrek Tannerson

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