Jed Ingwersen

Worst elf in the world.



Position: Spymaster for Ibahalii
Elf Rogue
Resides: Glory


Jed Ingwersen was previously a member of a band of miscreants menacing the ships and travellers on the upper regions of the Sellen River. Their raiding was a constant thorn in the side of the Kingdom of Brevoy, especially to House Surtova. In order to curb the bandits’ marauding, the Surtovan Thieves’ Guild offered Jed a large sum of money in exchange for the information required to capture his crewmates. Jed happily agreed, as he had a somewhat low opinion of his band, and was not one to miss out on a lucrative opportunity. However, when he appeared to claim his gold he was instead promptly arrested by House Surtova. Jed was only to be granted a pardon (and the gold) if he would work for Brevoy, escorting goods down to the Stolen lands for the new settlement. With his only other options being prison or execution, Jed found himself half-heartedly assenting.

Presently Jed is working as Spymaster for the kingdom of Ibahalii. Although he had orginally intended to ditch the kingdom as soon as he could, he has grown quite fond of the leaders of the fledgeling kingdom and is putting his banditry on indefinite hiatus. Bickers with Cassandra on a regular basis. On a particular encounter with some trolls, Jed accidentally, brutally was rent in half by a weird troll/ettin hybrid. Distraught, the rest of the party had the druid Lini reincarnate him. By some freak chance Jed returned as an elf, much to his vexation.

Jed is an uncouth, but cunning native to the River Kingdoms. He has ambitions to become a notorious bandit leader, however his impatience and unsociability have undermined those ambitions, despite his quick mind and skill with weapons. He is rather hedonistic, and tends to spend all his pilfered coin immediately after obtaining them, and usually on unnecessary luxuries. Although he is sometimes prone to violence, he is usually easy-going and jovial. He enjoys nothing more than getting into fights, and using every dirty trick he knows in order to win. Jed also loves to insult other people and to lie, but luckily for everyone else he is completely terrible at lying. Usually.
Has a girly laugh and giggles ALL THE TIME. Sorry.

Likes: Fights, Parties, Ale, Womanizing, Giants
Dislikes: Fairies, Elves, Forests, Stupid Goddamned Trolls, Thinkle, Fog, Meddling Druids, and THE ABYSS (see 20 more)
People that Jed respects: Riot Guy, Mungus, and Akiros.

Jed Ingwersen

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