Jhod Kavken

NPC religious



Position: Head Priest and Founder of the Temple of Erastil
Human Male
Resides: Temple of Erastil


On one particular visit to Oleg’s Trading Post, a priest of Erastil who had traveled to the Greenbelt asked the explorers to guide him to the Temple of the Elk located within the nearby forest. That priest was Jhod Kovken, whom Nalrod Radvage affectionately nicknamed “Handlebars”. Once the group delivered him to the temple, he went work restoring it to a state suitable for any other worshipers of Erastil that the party could point its way.

The party met Jhod again when Aldous Falstaff sought divine insight into his condition and Ziu Wolfcaller sought to thank Erastil. The group soon convinced him to be the High Priest for the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement, promising it would not interrupt his devout following.

Jhod Kavken

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