Lance Kilmore




Human Sorcerer
Resides: Unknown, last seen at the Stag Lord’s fortress


Lance Kilmore was one of the original explorers sent to fulfill the charter to reclaim the stolen lands for Restov. After meeting the other explorers at Oleg’s Trading Post, he helped them to overprepare for their confrontation with Happs Bydon and his group of bandits. Lance mysteriously disappeared after the fight, and his existence seemed to be forgotten by everyone except Aldous Falstaff, who somehow retained memory of him.

Lance reappeared at Oleg’s Trading Post shortly after the party killed the tatzlwyrms. He promptly challenged Nalrod Radvage to a fight in order to see who was stronger. Nalrod easily defeated him in a glorious battle – spurning Lance’s pride and inciting a bitter rivalry. Lance challenged Nalrod to another duel several days later. Although the second duel resulted in Lance’s victory, Nalrod would never acknowledge it.

Not much is known about the party’s confrontation with the Stag Lord, but vague recollections seem to indicate that Lance was the one to kill Dovan, the Stag Lord’s lieutenant. After the battle, Lance mysteriously disappeared just as quickly as he did before, once again leaving Aldous Falstaff as the only with any memory of his existence.

Lance Kilmore

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