Has done more good than he knows



Lizardfolk Hero
Location: Lizardfolk mounds


Partially to try his hand (or rather, tongue) at the Draconic language, partially in an effort to establish diplomatic relations with any and all sentient creatures of the Greenbelt, and partially to investigate a mysterious scream, Ziu Wolfcaller called out to the Lizardfolk guards keeping watch behind their palisades and allowed himself to be taken into their small village. Despite his efforts in talking to the tribe, Ziu was eventually attacked by the more hostile Lizardfolk.

Enter Slickscale, The Lizardfolk Hero. Convinced that Ziu meant no harm, he saved him from a dire situation as the fighting broke out, allowing Ziu to counterattack and buying the rest of the party (minus Jed Ingwersen) enough time to come to his aid. He then warned Aldous Falstaff of the situation and fought bravely alongside the party, even striking the Vesket with a well-placed javelin, earning a debt of gratitude.


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