Position: Lieutenant of the Scootscale Tribe
Kobold Soldier
Resides: Scootscale Caverns


When the party first met Mimek, he was being help captive and tortured by the mites under the claw tree. After saving and releasing him, the party instructed him to wait outside while they cleared out the rest of the tunnels, eventually finding the statue Mimek had sought to reclaim for his tribe.

As one of the Scootscale Kobolds, Mimek led the group to his tribe’s cavern, warning them that the shaman Tartuk had been performing strange magics on the tribe’s members. Once violence broke out, Mimek fought alongside Chief Scootscale to help the party stop the mad mage. Aldous Falstaff rewarded his bravery with an over-sized shield, which the small kobold now proudly wears on his back.


Venture Unto Glory Ferrokinesis