Munguk (Mungus) the Giant


Hill Giant
Location: Unknown


Half sprinting, half skipping, Jed Ingwersen closed the distance between himself and the sobbing hill giant with a smile on his face, twirling his spiked chain over his head and giggling in a more eager, perhaps more frightening way than he usually does.

Poor Mungus didn’t know what hit him.

When he regained consciousness after the fight, the still-angry Mungus delivered a few more punches, sending Jed sprawling across the ground and detaching Aldous Falstaff from his arm (which was later reconnected). He then slipped, fell, lost consciousness, regained consciousness, and finally got to talk to Cassandra Walker using Jed as an interpreter.

Eventually Jed managed to talk Mungus into having a troll-killing competition with him, at which point Mungus immediately ran off towards the “secret path through the mountains”. Aldous’ intentness on avoiding an area where Nixies were previously spotted caused the group to lose Mungus’ trail, at which point they returned to Glory to give the still-in-tow Tig Tannerson a safe haven, and then got distracted for a month.

When they finally found Mungus again, he had been trying to fight the notorious trolls by himself, and after losing some fingers and making minimal progress, he had holed up inside a giant hollow tree full of dwarven architecture. He invited the group to stay and launch an attack on the trolls alongside him.

The battle against the trolls, holed up in dwarven ruins and caves up the side of a mountain, was a long and grueling one. However, the final score was 3-2 in Jed’s favor, making him the winner of the troll-killing competition and earning him the title of “The Best Giant”, much to Mungus’ dismay.

Munguk (Mungus) the Giant

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