Nalrod Radvage

Wonderific nose. Chiseltastic chin. Glorious eyes, and skin that shines softly with the light of justice. The god among us is now above us.




Position: Former Glorious High Commander of the Army of the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement
Human Cavalier
Resides: Ysgard with Cayden Cailean


One of the original charter bearers, little is known of Nalrod’s past before he arrived in the Stolen Lands. Atop his trusty steed, Zhob, Nalrod happened upon Oleg’s Trading Post just in time to put a stop to Happs Bydon and his evil army of bandits. From there he set out with several followers to topple the Stag Lord’s inglorious empire.

While mapping the Stolen Lands, Nalrod defeated many terrifying and vicious foes single-handedly. As a result of his spectacular efforts, various natives to the Greenbelt began to worship him, and a number of statues were crafted in his honor. Furthermore, through his amazing acts of strength and heroism, he easily captured the heart of Cassandra Walker, who couldn’t keep her eyes off him for a second.

In the glorious battle against the Stag Lord, Nalrod rode Zhob to a nearly effortless victory, defeating even the Stag Lord’s most powerful guards with single swings of his mighty hammer. Nalrod also struck the first and final blow against the Stag Lord himself, before his allies could even make it into the building.

With the Stag Lord dead and evil purged from area, Nalrod had reclaimed the Stolen Lands, which he immediately converted into a country called Nalrodia. However, Nalrod knew that his destiny awaited him elsewhere, and so he had not the time to rule the country himself. He delegated the task of ruling to Ziu Wolfcaller, and adopted the humble title of “Glorious High Commander of the Army of Nalrodia”.

Soon after, he finally met his destiny. Impressed by his great feats and accomplishments, the gods finally realized that Nalrod’s rightful place was among them, and Nalrod ascended to Ysgard. To this day, he still watches over and protects the country he created with his own two hands.

Nalrod Radvage

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