Oleg Leveton

Good ol' Oleg!



Position: Treasurer of the Greenbelt Reclaimation Agreement
Spouse: Svetlana Leveton
Human merchant
Resides: Oleg’s Trading Outpost


Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana were the first people the charter bearers met after traveling to the Stolen Lands. Having initially mistook them for the guards he sent for, Oleg asked the group to defend him from the bandit attacks which had grown more and more frequent. The group complied and easily defended Oleg’s Trading Outpost from Happs Bydon and his gang.

Oleg continued to support the group as they completed their charter, providing them with supplies and a place to stay, and putting in orders for items that the group requested to purchase from Brevoy.

Upon hearing that the charter bearers’ new charter was to create a new nation, Oleg happily became the nation’s treasurer, under the condition that a road would eventually be built connecting his outpost to the new capital city.

Oleg Leveton

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