Riot Guy



Human farmer(?)
Resides: Glory


One of the most prominent citizens of Glory, Riot Guy somehow manages to cross paths with the leaders of Glory with unnerving frequency. Fond of insubordination, civil disobedience, and any kind of rebellion, Riot Guy’s goal in life was to stick it to the man. Ironically enough, he became fast friends with the G.R.A.‘s official Spymaster, Jed Ingwersen, who often shares his booze with Riot Guy in exchange for a place to sleep. It’s uncertain whether Riot Guy’s home is legally his under contract or if he obtained it as a result of more unscrupulous means.

Despite his penchant for insurgence, Riot Guy is somewhat predisposed towards the leaders of Glory. In response to the slander being spread by Grigori, an agent of a neighboring settlement, Riot Guy led a glorious counter-riot against him and threw the “big, purple sack of shit” out of town.

He’s such a bro.

Riot Guy

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