Stag Lord




Human bandit-king
Location: Formerly the Stag Lord’s fort


The notorious Stag Lord was the leader of bandit activity in the Stolen Lands. The party first learned of him and his gang from Happs Bydon and Kressel, members of the Stag Lord’s gang that the party incapacitated and detained. These two informed the party that they took supplies – mainly drink – to the Stag Lord’s fortress to the south, which gave the group an opportunity to reach the front gates of the heavily fortified outpost.

Before confronting the Stag Lord, the party met Davik Nettle, a ghost with a vendetta. Although initially hostile, Davik Nettle eventually talked to the group and asked them to kill the Stag Lord and throw his body into the Shrike River.

After the party initiated the decisive confrontation at the Stag Lord’s fortress, his lieutenant, Akiros Ismort, betrayed him and ultimately delivered the final blow, ending his reign and effectively ridding the Stolen Lands of banditry. As agreed upon, his body was thrown into the river, and the party watched as Davik’s bony hands dragged him into the depths.

Stag Lord

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