Tig Tannerson



Human male


South of the city of Glory, on a small islet in the middle of the river, lies a Lizardfolk encampment, which the party discovered one day while looking to squash the rumors of trolls. After hearing a scream from the direction of the Lizardfolk mounds, Ziu Wolfcaller called out to the Lizardfolk guards in an attempt to peacefully investigate.

On the islet, Ziu found a young boy being held captive – apparently as a future meal – by the Lizardfolk under the orders of their possessed leader, Vesket. The situation quickly turned sour, but with the help of Slickscale, the Lizardfolk Hero and his allies, the party managed to clear win the engagement and save the captive – one Tig Tannerson, whom had lost his parents on a south-bound excursion into the Greenbelt.

After getting only moderately distracted, the party brought Tig back to the Full Moon Inn in Glory, where he was reunited with his parents, Horrek and Vivian.

Tig Tannerson

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