Ziu Wolfcaller

A young Summoner who tries to avoid conflict as much as his frightening Eidolon tries to enjoy it.



Position: Baron of Ibahalii
Human Summoner
Resides: Glory


Ziu is a scrawny, thin and somewhat pale young man. Draped in dark robes, he carries himself upright and his mannerisms suggest a proper upbringing. His long black hair reaches halfway down his back and is sometimes tied off near the end. When uncomfortable, Ziu turns to his own shadow, from which he calls out his soul-bound Eidolon, Fenrir. When the black wolf is summoned, a red sigil appears on Ziu’s forehead that matches the wolf’s, and his eyes shift hue from a bright orange to a more unnerving dark red.

Ziu never knew his real parents, and was adopted into the Issian House Orlovsky at a very young age. Ziu was raised as a noble until his parents finally managed to have a legitimate heir, at which point Ziu fled from home and went south towards the forests of Rostland. On his way into the forest, an old ranger found him and taught him how to survive in the wilderness on his own, giving his name as “Old Deadeye” before leaving Ziu to himself. Spending most of his time in the forest near Lukewater, Ziu – almost – met Cassandra Walker.

Even less is known about his Eidolon, who seems to have a past of his own. Fenrir is an ethereal black wolf with red accents at his extremities, who serves as Ziu’s otherworldly companion. Upon closer inspection, his fur is very wispy, as if always wavering in an absent wind – the constantly shedding hairs fade into nothing as they leave the wolf’s body. When Fenrir is present, Ziu seems more at ease. If either is injured, it puts the other on edge.

Likes: Magic, Outsiders, Sweets, Spices
Dislikes: Fighting, Ruling, Bandits, Ganks, Brooms

Likes: Fighting, Eating, Scaring foolish mortals
Dislikes: Talking, Large plants

Ziu Wolfcaller

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