Venture Unto Glory

Session 4
When have I ever died?


125 – Explored one hex
250 – Lawful Experience: Interacted with townsfolk
250 – Jed the unintentionally perfect Spymaster
250 – Nalrod may or may not be very convincing
1,800 – Dealt with Howl of the North Wind
2,000 – QUEST COMPLETE: Northern Howls

4,875 / 5 = 975 Experience each

13,355 Individual experience total

Cassandra's journal: Session 3
Silverware, we need silverware

Des 16 4709

The outside world is starting to get out of hand. Not two years ago, it was much much smaller and it made sense.

Werewolves were merely the bad guy in Old Al’s eight o’ clock Wealday story, I could never do anything more amazing than throw an impossible to catch curve ball, and my best friends never had to fear much more than a stern table corner early in the morning while their eyes were still adjusting.

We’ve lost two people already, we spent all night on watch. It’s so hard to see people so scared and not know how to help them. I wanted to run inside with them and cower under the table too, but I couldn’t. I, we can’t afford to let them see us waver, out here we’re all they’ve got. I’ve let people down before, mere children we were, but it didn’t change anything of the situation, people die when we make the wrong moves. I’m so god’s damned tired of losing people. May Gosreh whisper gently upon us.

Des 17 4709

Well the town meeting could have gone worse, it did not thanks much to Vella and Akiros. I think I’m pushing a little to hard into this “new me” thing I’ve been trying out down here in the Green belt tho. The last time I had that many people looking at me was at the beginning of the trek rites, and those people didn’t expect me to say anything then.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, this pup is seriously the cutest thing ever. We’d better find this guy’s owner before I start to get to attached, I’ve already caught myself idly thinking up names for him twice today. Vella seems to enjoy watching him enough when I’m out on buisness tho. If worst comes to worst and I do have to find a place for him, I think he’s already there.

We killed two more people tonight. One of them was the werewolf this time. I don’t think watching my friends in danger is ever going to get easy, I pray it never does.

Session 3
Everyone is Werewolves


2,000 – Followed the Werewolf Mystery
2,400 – Slayed Kundal, the Werewolf
500 – Chaotic Experience
250 – Lawful Experience
250 – Good Experience

5,400 / 5 = 1,080 Experience each

12,420 Individual experience total

Session 2
1d3 Ponies


250 – Explored two hexes
500 – Boken’s Berries
2,000 – Fill a Settlement with 4 Lots of Buildings

2,750 / 5 = 550 Experience each

11,340 Individual experience total

Session 1
Believe it or Not, I am a Bandit


250 – Explored two hexes
3,000 – Spiders
4,500 – Founding a Kingdom and Capital City
1,200 – Barghest

8,950 / 5 = 1,790 Experience each

10,790 Individual experience total

Aldous Falstaff, Cassandra Walker, Nalrod Radvage, and Ziu Wolfcaller are now rulers of a kingdom and remain in the party!

Jed Ingwersen has been given a job to clear his name and has joined the party!

The kingdom has been temporarily named the Greenbelt Reclamation Agreement and the capital city of Glory has been founded!


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